Foreseeing a greater need for efficient, effective solutions to become more integrated and accountable, Carolinas HealthCare System developed Dickson Advanced Analytics (DA2) in 2012 to integrate clinical, financial and operational data across the healthcare continuum. By adopting advanced technologies and building collaborative relationships, DA2 offers centralization and standardization of analytics, harnessing the System's capability for knowledge sharing and informed decision making for better patient care.

Carolinas HealthCare System's advanced analytics capabilities enhance the value of healthcare by offering innovative tools that support providers in delivering the best possible care to patients and families. The System has adopted integrated healthcare analytics for evidenced-based population health management, individualized patient care and predictive modeling.

In 2013, Carolinas HealthCare System joined other healthcare systems and IT experts, such as IBM and Premier healthcare alliance, to launch Data Alliance Collaborative, a first-of-its-kind initiative aimed at improving population health through data analytics and business intelligence. The solutions allow health systems and providers nationwide to leverage the same data model and actionable information, adding value to patient care. The Collaborative combines data and resources from four geographically distinct systems, operating 100 hospitals and more than 1,600 non-acute sites caring for 28 million people.

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